Jeh Mody

Jeh started Medical Products around six years ago, a small DME (Durable Medical Equipment) business, that provided customers with products and supplies paid for through medical insurance. Prior to that, he was the CEO of a composite manufacturing company for 25 years in the US, before which he headed his own family owned plastics manufacturing business, after graduating with a BS degree and a diploma from a plastics engineering school in India. A few years after Jeh started Medical Products, he realized that cutbacks in the medical insurance field would mean that quality and functionality would grossly be compromised in the years to come. When it became apparent that consumers weren’t happy with the quality and delay in the procurement of vitally needed equipment and supplies, Jeh opened All Home Medical Supply, a retail medical supply store that offered customers far more options, by way of quality products, at reasonable pricing. All Home Medical Supply, centrally located in San Diego, is now one of the premier DMEs in town. Jeh is proud of All Home Medical Supply’s extremely polite, compassionate and knowledgeable staff, who assist customers with the best and most appropriate equipment and supplies, always keeping the company motto “Helping you, help yourself!” in the forefront.

Malcolm Brooks

Malcolm has 28 years in the medical field with part of that time in Occupational Health Services which gave him experience in Physical Therapy and body mechanics. He was a Sales Manager for a blood pressure equipment manufacturer, which trained him in the cardiovascular field and proper medical equipment manufacturing. For the past ten years he worked for a HME dealer and pharmacy in downtown La Jolla where he put all of the disciplines to good use and became an expert in medical compression for patients with lymphedema and cardiovascular deficiencies. Now with All Home Medical Supply since inception, he has brought together a fantastic customer service team with eons of medical knowledge, to enable you to get what you need, to help yourself.

Scott Lanswick, CDME, CAPS

Scott has over 20 years experience in Durable Medical Equipment customer service management, 11 of which were directly related to mobility devices. Scott is credentialed as a Certified Durable Medical Equipment Specialist as well as a Certified Aging in Place Specialist. Scott fully understands the accessibility and mobility needs of his customers and acts as your care-partner through the entire process. Whether you need a simple repair on a wheelchair or scooter, or you or a loved one requires home remodeling and accessibility ideas to remain safe and comfortable in your own home, Scott and his team will guide you through the process and ensure that you receive the best care, assistance and equipment that is most appropriate for you and your family.