Occupational Therapy

What is the Purpose of Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy gets people back to doing what they want and need to do.

Occupational therapists make a difference in people’s lives so they can enjoy life to the fullest!

Through occupational therapy, people of all ages, are given specialized assistance to restore function and lead independent, productive lives.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy may provide the following:

  • Working with older adult drivers to keep them safe and independent in their vehicles by making recommendations for adaptive equipment.
  • Assisting children with mental and physical disabilities to allow them to participate fully in school and social functions.
  • Teaching individuals recovering from a stroke ways to resume their lives and independence when bathing, dressing or preparing a meal.
  • Working with people who have sustained an injury to regain the necessary skills to return to work.
  • Providing support and suggestions for older adults and their loved ones who are struggling with physical and cognitive changes due to aging.
  • Helping wounded warriors adjust to and overcome physical injuries and mental challenges to get back into the community.
  • Evaluating the home of an older adult or disabled individual to promote a safe and comfortable living environment.

Occupational Therapy

Patients with permanent disabilities often need help performing daily tasks. Therapists show patients how to use appropriate adaptive equipment, such as leg braces, wheelchairs, and eating aids. These devices help patients perform a number of daily tasks, allowing them to function more independently. 

An aging person or their loved one may have the occupational therapist visit their home and make recommendations to safe-guard the individual such as the installation of grab bars in the bathroom, a ramp for egress and ingress, the use of a rollator when going out or the addition of a shower chair or hand-held shower head to prevent falls.

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