Manual and Power Wheelchairs


Manual and Power Wheelchairs

Investing in a mobility aid is a big decision so it’s extremely important to choose one that’ll serve you best. Your first order of business is determining whether you should choose a manual or a power wheelchair. We don’t expect you to make this decision on your own. All Home Medical Supply has gathered some pertinent information to consider so you can narrow down your options. Visit us in San Diego, CA to browse our inventory today!

A manual wheelchair can be a great choice for users who are able to push themselves forward without having to exert too much energy. With that said, manual wheelchairs might not be a great match for those who suffer from a chronic condition that causes fatigue. Your ability to move at a decent speed will lessen if you have to use great effort to maneuver the wheelchair. Remember that speed is crucial for performing various tasks, like crossing the street. In addition, not all terrain is level so even more effort is required in these scenarios. Other areas might not be very accessible by a manual wheelchair, such as curbs. If you’re able to pop a wheelie as a way of tackling these obstacles safely, then that’s certainly a helpful skill to have.

Many people consider power wheelchairs to be the obvious choice because they are more efficient in many aspects. It’s important to know that while power wheelchairs have many advantage, there are still some other aspects to keep in mind. For example, power wheelchairs are much, much heavier than manual wheelchairs which can make them difficult to transport. You’ll most likely need an accessible vehicle to transport your power wheelchair. If you understand the concept of a manual wheelchair but simply lack the strength to operate it, a power wheelchair might be the superior choice.

Now that you’re aware of your options, be sure to stop by All Home Medical Supply in San Diego, CA to choose the mobility aid that’s best for you!

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