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Lift Chair

Lift Chairs

You’ll find many great uses for a lift chair, especially if you’re someone who struggles to transition from sitting to standing due to an injury, surgical procedure, or mobility or balance issues. When you have the assistance of a lift chair on your side, you’ll be able to confidently and easily transition from sitting to standing with the simple push of a button. Many of these chairs also offer a recliner position as well. The main benefit and use of a lift chair is the powerful lifting system that tilts the base and back of the chair forward. This positioning makes it possible for the lift chair to guide the user back into a standing position.

Oftentimes, users who invest in this product live with some type of mobility or balance issue but lift chairs can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone. In fact, it’s not uncommon to confuse a lift chair with a standard living room recliner. While the main difference is the lifting system, some models also offer additional features, such as heating and massage settings. Those who suffer from chronic back pain, stiff joints, arthritis, or any other painful condition will certainly benefit from these extra features.

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