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All Home Medical Supply recently had the honor of attending a Health Fair for the employees and volunteers of the USS Midway 41 Museum in San Diego. The Midway, as many know, is a historic retired naval vessel. The Cessna that is suspended from the hangar deck is the plane that was flown by a South Vietnamese Air Force Captain who, on the day of the fall of Vietnam, landed on the deck of the Midway with fumes in the tank to save his family. There are many historic Naval aircraft on display and folks can take a complete tour of the ship. Though it housed over 3,000 Naval personnel, today it takes over 300 employees and volunteers to maintain the vessel, many of whom are veterans.

USS Midway Museum USS Midway Museum aircraft
USS Midway Museum health fair USS Midway Museum tour
USS Midway All Home Health Fair USS Midway Health Fair

USS Midway USS Midway Deck

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