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All Home Medical Supply carries only high quality medical supplies, home health care products, and medical equipment from the top medical supply manufacturers and wholesalers in the U.S. Buy reliable and affordable medical supplies online from our medical supplies store with confidence. We drop-ship directly from our supplier, which saves you time and money!

Golden Technologies

Golden Technologies

Golden Technologies is a family-owned company based in Pennsylvania and is the world's leading manufacturer of lift and recline chairs. Golden uses high quality components in their chairs for maximum comfort, style, and convenience. All products are made in the U.S.A. with superior materials and craftsmanship.

Golden Technologies has been developing a revolutionized hand control for its its patented MaxiComfort® line of lift chairs. The new hand control, referred to as "AutoDrive 3.0", has an ergonomic design that fits more comfortably in the hand along with a flat back so if placed on the armrest, it will not fall, and a lockout feature for user safety. The lockout feature can be a partial lockout which allows only the lift and recline features or a full lockout so the chair cannot move without the side of the caregiver, a safety feature designed with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia patients in mind.



Founded by Conrad Jobst in 1950, they are committed to the highest quality standards. Jobst products are subject to strict quality control. They meet with patients and medical professionals to develop treatment-oriented products that are patient-friendly.

JOBST ® is the brand medical caregivers and patients trust most, as the industry pioneer and internationally leading player in gradient compression therapy. Compression hosiery from JOBST® - Comfort, health and style! For over 60 years, JOBST® is dedicated to meeting the patient's needs. The JOBST® range has been specifically designed for women and men in need of medical compression for their legs and it will not compromise in terms of movement and comfort.

Essential Medical Supply, Inc.

Based in Orlando, FL, Essential Medical Supply is a family owned & operated business that began in 1985. Essential Medical Supply is a supplier of home medical and health related products to provide bathroom safety and help with mobility issues.

FLA Orthopedics

BSN Medical Inc/FLA based in Charlotte, NC, provides solutions that enable people to be their physical best during everyday activity or following injury, surgery and after the onset of degenerative conditions. Overthirty years of science and high-tech innovation have positioned FLA as the leading authority in the development and delivery of solutions that allow people to continue the active lifestyles they love.

Juzo® Compression Garments

Keep moving and maintain your quality of life with Juzo® compression garments, wear them to work, for walking or running, stay active, ask for Juzo!

Nova Products

Whether you are in need of Aids to Daily Living, Bath Safety Products, Mobility Aids or more, Nova Products has a large selection of products just right for you!

Stay in your home longer with bath safety products to reduce the chance of falls, rolling walkers assist you with mobility and lessen the chance of a fall, aids to daily living make routine chores and dressing easier.

Sigvaris® Compression Products

Tired legs, swollen ankles, a heavy feeling in your legs? These may be signs of chronic vein disease. Wearing compression stockings may be the treatment!

Compression therapy is used to treat venous diseases and disease of the lymphatic system. Sigvaris products may improve your leg health and blood flow.

Symptoms of chronic venous disorder include pain or cramps in the calves, swelling, visible veins, heaviness in the legs, tired, achy legs. Don't ignore these symptoms. Talk with your doctor about them and get the correct treatment.

Compression garments improve circulation and aid in the upward flow of the lymphatic and venous system by recirculating blood back toward your heart and lungs allowing your system to function as it did prior to fluid buildup.