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Home bathrooms often need adaptation if an elderly or disabled person wants to stay at home and remain independent. Ensuring bathroom access and safety may require room adaptations.

Falls often occur as people are getting into and out of the bathtub. A non-skid bathtub mat will help prevent falls. A non-slip bath mat on the outside of the tub will provide better footing when getting out of the tub.

Make one of the most dangerous movements that the elderly or disabled make - stepping into and out of the bathtub - safer. Grab bars installed around the tub make exiting the tub safer and combined with the non-slip mat next to the tub, the risk of a fall is greatly decreased.

If the tub is free standing and too far from a wall, the Stander Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar may be the answer. It is a tension mounted floor to ceiling pole which allows the user to rise from a sitting position to a standing position with the pivoting Curve Grab Bar.

Another option is a Transfer Bench which allows the individual to sit on the bench to bathe. Following is a brief video to explain the use of the bench.

As the video indicated, a hand held shower spray is the perfect accessory for the Transfer Bench as it allows the individual to remain seated on the bench to bath.

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