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Don't Let Pain Slow You Down!


Pain management without taking drugs! That’s what the Oska Pulse can do for you!

The Oska Pulse helps reduce inflammation and promote cellular health through Pulse Electromagnetic Field Technology (PEMF). PEMF creates a pulse of magnetic energy in various wave lengths and frequencies which research has shown stimulates certain cell types and in turn, may reduce pain and help with recovery from injury. Although, not a cure, pain is greatly reduced.

backpainThe 4 Phases of Oska:

AV Phase - This phase uses a short frequency with a longer waveform. It has been previously demonstrated that this frequency triggers the release of a cellular growth factor that increases blood flow and reduces inflammation. Reducing inflammation will help reduce pain.

OS Phase - Research has demonstrated that the OS frequency stimulates bone cells known as Osteoblasts that can help bones and also reduces inflammation.

CD Phase - Research for this set of wave lengths and frequencies have shown to stimulate Chondrocytes (cells found in cartilage connective tissue) which help creates cartilage which is critical for reducing joint pain.

PM Phase - Is a focused waveform has been shown useful in pain reduction by using a high frequency wave length that alters intercellular processes which enhances regeneration of nerve cells. Another benefit of this phase is it impedes the growth of harmful types of bacteria that can increase pain.

The Story Behind the Oska Pulse:

A Veterinarian in Queensland was treating a Koala bear named Oscar who had been severely burned in a forest fire. The burns were not healing and the Koala was in severe pain. The Vet had run out of treatment options when a friend suggested he try electromagnetic pulse technology (EMP) which was aiding some humans with pain and healing.

The Vet used the device several time a day on Oscar and quickly noticed the wounds were drying and healing and Oscar seemed to be in less pain.

After several more weeks of rehab Oscar was healed and they were able to release him back into the wild again! So, why the name Oska? With an Australian accent the name Oscar sounds like Oska, hence the name.

Why Use the Oska Pulse?oska-pulse-1

  • The Oska Pulse is totally made in the USA
  • It reduces your reliance on powerful opioid medications and the cost of those expensive prescriptions.
  • Oska is a Class I FDA medical device
  • Comfortable to wear and easy to use
  • Use it risk-free with a 90-day 100% money back guarantee. The only thing you could lose is your pain
Contact us online, by phone, (858) 769-0444, or stop in and talk with one of our knowledgeable staff members about how the Oska Pulse may help you!

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